Camps for Adults

Christian Camps for Adults
Find rest for your soul and inspiration for your daily walk with God.
Throughout the year, Cedar Springs hosts a variety of camps and retreats for adults. We facilitate opportunities to get away from the stresses of everyday life and connect with God and others through in-depth study of the Word (featuring incredible speakers from around the country!) and quality fellowship time in our beautiful facilities and 117 acres of wooded forest. Check out our list of camps and retreats below, and join us for an event to refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your soul.

        Man Camp 2021

      April 16-18, 2021

                                Check In 5:00 - 7:00 pm
$99.00 Per Person                                                         $84.00 Per Person
Friday, Saturday & Sunday                                           Friday and Saturday only

$69.00 Per Person                                                        $5 discount on groups of 5
Saturday only                                                                or more from same church

Early Bird Canoe & Fishing Trip
Arrive Friday by 12:30, we'll take you up stream to Osage and you float and fish or just canoe back to camp.

Additional Fee - $15.00       Includes trip & supper   (subject to weather)

Bring a friend.  This is a great opportunity to bring your ONE!  Bring that person that you are pouring into.  What a time to expose this guy to what living as a Christian is all about outside of the church setting.  Let them see that Christian men can have fun, do men things and enjoy the great outdoors without feeling stuffy and confined. 

                                           Register today! 
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